Accepted Papers
Yangguang Shi, Fa Zhang and Zhiyong Liu. Hardness of Routing for Minimizing Superlinear Polynomial Cost in Directed Graphs
Wing-Kai Hon, Ton Kloks, Fu-Hong Liu, Hsiang-Hsuan Liu and Tao-Ming Wang.P 3-Games
Haitao Wang and Jingru Zhang.Computing the Rectilinear Center of Uncertain Points in the Plane
Dirk Oliver Theis and Mozhgan Pourmoradnasseri. Nondeterministic Communication Complexity of random Boolean functions
Nikolay Bazhenov. A Note on Effective Categoricity for Linear Orderings
Heiko Röglin and Clemens Rösner. The Smoothed Number of Pareto-optimal Solutions in Non-integer Bicriteria Optimization
Yuguo He. Pebble games over ordered structural abstractions
Yuan Xue and Boting Yang. Fast Searching on Cartesian Products of Graphs
Henning Fernau and Lakshmanan Kuppusamy. Parikh Images of Matrix Ins-del Systems
Hans Kleine Büning, Piotr Wojciechowski and K Subramani.The Complexity of Finding Read-Once NAE-Resolution Refutations
Deshi Ye, Lin Chen and Guochuan Zhang. The Price of Anarchy in Two-Stage Scheduling Games (Extended Abstract)
Huishan Wu and Guohua Wu. Degrees of word problem for algebras without finitely presented expansions
Vincent Chau, Minming Li and Kai Wang.Scheduling Fully Parallel Jobs with Integer Parallel Units
Minming Li, Frances Yao and Hao Yuan.An O(n^2) Algorithm for Computing Optimal Continuous Voltage Schedules
Andrzej Lingas, Mia Persson and Dzmitry Sledneu. Bounds for Semi-disjoint Bilinear Forms in a Unit-cost Computational Model
Mingyu Xiao and Shaowei Kou.Kernelization and Parameterized Algorithms for 3-Path Vertex Cover
Xujin Chen, Xiaodong Hu, Changjun Wang and Ying Zhang. Continuous Firefighting on Infinite Square Grids
Shareef Ahmed and Md. Saidur Rahman. Multi-interval Pairwise Compatibility Graphs
Faisal Abu-Khzam, Shaowei Cai, Judith Egan, Peter Shaw and Kai Wang. Turbo-charging Dominating Set with an FPT Subroutine: Further Improvements and Experimental Analysis
Wei-Lin Wang and Sheung-Hung Poon. On Complexity of Total Vertex Cover on Subcubic Graphs
S. Ahmad Hosseini, Gerold Jäger and Eddie Wadbro. On Postoptimality Analysis of Maximum Reliability and Maximum Capacity Path Problems: Multiplicative Tolerances
Chi Kit Ken Fong, Minming Li, Yungao Li, Sheung-Hung Poon, Weiwei Wu and Yingchao Zhao. Scheduling Tasks to Minimize Active Time on a Processor with Unlimited Capacity
Ning Ding, Yanli Ren and Dawu Gu. Learning AC^0 under k-Dependent Distributions
Xuehou Tan and Bo Jiang. Efficient algorithms for touring a sequence of convex polygons and related problems